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Disease-specific understanding of echocardiographic sequences requires accurate characterization of spatio-temporal motion patterns. In this paper we present a method of automatic extraction and matching of spatio-temporal patterns from cardiac echo videos. Specifically, we extract cardiac regions (chambers and walls) using a variation of multiscale(More)
The renal extraction of beta 2-microglobulin (beta 2M) was investigated under steady-state conditions achieved by constant infusion of human beta 2M. Fifteen animal experiments were conducted. Beta 2 microglobulin was infused at rates ranging from 51 o 269 micrograms/min. The renal arterial and venous blood levels remained constant throughout the study(More)
New York State (NYS) is home to 7.2% of the population and producer of 8.4% of the gross domestic product of the United States. The history and the current status of occupational and environmental medicine (OEM) research, educational resources, clinical practice patterns, and regulatory framework in NYS are reviewed. Changes anticipated or already taking(More)