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Alterations in the expression of type 1 blood group-related antigens (Lewis a and b) were examined immunohistochemically in 371 consecutives gastric biopsy and 80 surgical specimens from patients of gastric carcinoma. The ABH and Lewis phenotype and secretor status of the patients were correlated with histologic findings. An anomalous expression of Lewis a(More)
The surface epithelium of normal gastric mucosa from patients with gastric adenocarcinoma expressed the type 1 blood group precursor only in Lewis (Le) non-secretor individuals, Le a+b- (se/se, Le/-) and Le a-b- (se/se, le/le). In secretors, the superficial mucosa was negative. Deep areas of the mucosa showed no type 1 precursor regardless of secretor(More)
A kidney angiomyolipoma associated with tuberous sclerosis is described. This rare tumor is sometimes asymptomatic and is found at autopsy, but in some cases it may be confounded with a malignant tumor, as in the present case. The authors consider the angiomyolipoma as a choristoma rather than as a true neoplasm.
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