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Gross analyses of large brain areas, as in MRI studies of macroanatomical structures, average subtle alterations in small regions, inadvertently missing significant anomalies. We developed a computerized imaging program to microscopically examine minicolumns and used it to study Nissl-stained slides of normal human, chimpanzee, and rhesus monkey brains in a(More)
Our study performed a quantitative investigation of minicolumns in the planum temporale (PT) of human, chimpanzee, and rhesus monkey brains. This analysis distinguished minicolumns in the human cortex from those of the other nonhuman primates. Human cell columns are larger, contain more neuropil space, and pack more cells into the core area of the column(More)
Stroke is an important complication of sickle cell disease. Stroke prediction is clinically important because it offers the possibility of primary prevention. In 1992, transcranial Doppler (TCD) evidence of elevated intracranial internal carotid or middle cerebral artery velocity was demonstrated to be associated strongly with an increased risk of ischemic(More)
Blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) data obtained during supine rest, in response to and recovery from four laboratory stressors in a baseline year were used to predict supine resting BP and HR values obtained during each of four consecutive annual follow-up evaluations. Subjects were 385 normotensive youth [95 African American (AA) males, 106 AA(More)
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