M. Lisa Mathews

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In this paper we describe the Unified Cybersecurity Ontology (UCO) that is intended to support information integration and cyber situational awareness in cybersecurity systems. The ontology incorporates and integrates heterogeneous data and knowledge schemas from different cybersecurity systems and most commonly used cybersecurity standards for information(More)
Traditional intrusion detection and prevention systems have well known limitations that decrease their utility against many kinds of attacks. Creating a new system that collaboratively combines information from traditional and nontraditional sensors to produce new, relevant signatures is one way to deal with these limitations. In this paper, we present a(More)
Botnet attacks turn susceptible victim computers into bots that perform various malicious activities while under the control of a botmaster. Some examples of the damage they cause include denial of service, click fraud, spamware, and phishing. These attacks can vary in the type of architecture and communication protocol used, which might be modified during(More)
Multi-core processors are very common in the form of dual-core and quad-core processors. To take advantage of multiple cores, parallel programs are written. Existing legacy applications are sequential and runs on multiple cores utilizing only one core. Such applications should be either rewritten or parallelized to make efficient use of multiple cores.(More)
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