M. Linnavuo

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Swaying during normal upright posture in 17 young males and the effects of m-xylene exposure on the body sway of six of the 17 has been studied by a quantitative Romberg test, conducted with an equipment consisting of a strain gauge transducer platform and of an electronic unit. The exposures were conducted in a dynamic exposure chamber. The sway of the 17(More)
A computerized device for simultaneous measurement of coordinative and reactive skills related to driving was developed and tested in two consecutive trials of psychoactive agents in healthy volunteers. The test system comprises a vehicle, a driving computer (Sinclair QL), and the programming and measurement computer (IBM-PC). The computerized driving(More)
A tree scale distributed multipoint measuring system of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) has been designed. The system is divided into a central unit, measuring units and sensor–amplifiers. Measurements can be carried out with a maximum number of 32 measuring units each comprising 24 sensor–amplifiers. The feasibility of the system has been(More)
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