M. Lim

1Paul Klapper
1Cheryl Hemingway
1Kenneth J. Mutton
1O. Kannape
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Abstruct-This article models a pneumatic system consisting of double-acting or single acting cylinder and a servovalve with the goal of providing an insight into pneumatic design and control requirements for Berkeley Exoskeleton (ht<v://wwu..me. berkeZev.edu/heZ/). The modeling approach uses the thermodynamic principles of energy and mass conservation. We(More)
In real-life situations, we are often required to recognize our own movements among movements originating from other people. In social situations, these movements are often correlated (for example, when dancing or walking with others) adding considerable difficulty to self-recognition. Studies from visual search have shown that visual attention can(More)
AIM To assess the role of imaging in the early management of encephalitis and the agreement on findings in a well-defined cohort of suspected encephalitis cases enrolled in the Prospective Aetiological Study of Encephalitis conducted by the Health Protection Agency (now incorporated into Public Health England). MATERIALS AND METHODS Eighty-five CT(More)
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