M. Lewis

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Searching for moving targets in large environments is a challenging task that is relevant in several problem domains, such as capturing an invader in a camp, guarding security facilities, and searching for victims in large-scale search and rescue scenarios. The guaranteed search problem is to coordinate the search of a team of agents to guarantee the(More)
—Attitude control refers to controlling the pitch and roll of a mobile robot. As environments become more complex and cues to a robot's pose become sparser, it becomes easy for a teleoperator using an egocentric (camera) display to lose situ-ational awareness. Reported difficulties with teleoperated robots frequently involve rollovers and sometimes even(More)
We provide a progress update on the spin wave nanofabric. The nanofabric comprises magneto-electric cells and spin wave buses serving for spin wave propagation. The magneto-electric cells are used as the input/output ports for information transfer between the charge and the spin domains, while information processing inside the nanofabric is via spin waves(More)
PURPOSE Back pain is a common problem and has significant societal impact. Sickness certification is commonly issued to patients consulting their general practitioner with low back pain. The aim of this study was to investigate the association of certification for low back pain with clinical outcomes and cost consequences. METHODS A prospective cohort(More)
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