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Spectral analysis of hot luminous stars requires adequate model atmospheres which take into account the effects of NLTE and radiation driven winds properly. Here we present significant improvements of our approach in constructing detailed atmospheric models and synthetic spectra for hot luminous stars. Moreover, as we regard our solution method in its(More)
Airborne hyperspectral remote sensing imagery is an efficient way to obtain an accurate spatial information at the scale of the field or group of fields because of its fine spatial resolution and its ability to acquire simultaneously a great number of spectral bands. This paper presents an unsupervised analysis tool enabling us to extract information from(More)
A surface-controlled dissolution of cylindrical solid particles model is applied to potassium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate in dimethylformamide at elevated temperatures. Previously published data for the dissolution of potassium carbonate is interpreted assuming a cylindrical rather than a spherical shape of the particles, the former(More)
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