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Gravitational lensing due to the large-scale distribution of matter in the cosmos distorts the primordial cosmic microwave background (CMB) and thereby induces new, small-scale B-mode polarization. This signal carries detailed information about the distribution of all the gravitating matter between the observer and CMB last scattering surface. We report the(More)
We reconstruct the gravitational lensing convergence signal from cosmic microwave background (CMB) polarization data taken by the Polarbear experiment and cross-correlate it with cosmic infrared background maps from the Herschel satellite. From the cross spectra, we obtain evidence for gravitational lensing of the CMB polarization at a statistical(More)
The analysis of the microscopic appearance of the dental wear facets in contemporary european subjects has been conducted using the replica method. It showed the presence of numerous striae running in various directions. The angle of each stria with the sagittal plane was measured: 1540 angle values were recorded on 6 facet types belonging to 3 groups of(More)
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