M. Laurent Cordier

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This work is part of a project dedicated to the development of a cardiac arrhythmia monitoring system. The Calicot system is composed of two distinct parts: a temporal abstraction part, dedicated to the acquisition, the processing and the analysis of the signal, and a medical diagnosis part which computes a diagnosis from the data transmitted by the(More)
In this paper, we propose to transform environmental questions about future evolution of ecosystems into queries that could be submitted to a simulation model. In this work, the model is a marine ecosystem in a fisheries context. When dealing with environmental problems, scenarios are widely used tools for evaluating future evolution of ecosystems given(More)
Réduction de modèle et contrôle en boucle fermée d'´ ecoulements de type oscillateur et amplificateur de bruit soutenue le 14 janvier 2011 devant le jury composé de : Résumé : Ce travail est consacré au contrôle en boucle fermée des perturbations se développant linéairement dans desécoulements laminaires et incompressibles de types oscillateurs et(More)
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