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The NP-hard microaggregation problem seeks a partition of data points into groups of minimum specified size k, so as to minimize the sum of the squared euclidean distances of every point to its group's centroid. One recent heuristic provides an O(k<sup>3</sup>) guarantee for this objective function and an O(k<sup>2</sup>) guarantee for a version of the(More)
  • Mohammed Ali Safari, Brona Brejová, +32 authors Therese Biedl Waterloo
  • 2005
Students were asked to take lecture notes in L A T E X, which I then compiled and edited for this document. The topic of graph algorithms is so unbelievably big that it is entirely hopeless to want to hold just one course about them. Even focusing on advanced graph algorithms (whatever " advanced " may mean) doesn't help, because there is still too many(More)
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