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This article gathers the studies and experiments carried out by the authors orientated to the combination of three unimodal systems into a single multimodal system. The fusion strategy used has been the so-called "score fusion" using different algorithms, among them "neural networks" and "support vector machines", etc. All of the experiments have been(More)
We investigate the secular motion of a spacecraft around the natural satellite of a planet. The satellite rotates synchronously with its mean motion around the planet. Our model takes into account the gravitational potential of the satellite up to the second order, and the third-body perturbation in Hill's approximation. Close to the satellite, the ratio of(More)
Imperfections in the design or implementation of Penning traps may give rise to electrostatic perturbations that introduce nonlinearities in the dynamics. In this paper we investigate, from the point of view of classical mechanics, the dynamics of a single ion trapped in a Penning trap perturbed by an octupolar perturbation. Because of the axial symmetry of(More)
When all but one coordinates are cyclic in a (conservative) Hamiltonian formulated in the extended phase space, the Hamilton-Jacobi equation is used to compute canonical transformations allowing for Hamiltonian reduction. The procedure includes regularization and provides whole families of canonical transformations, among which one recognizes the familiar(More)
Electronic traps in a circularly polarized microwave field and a static Lunisolar perturbations are the most important mechanism delivering major Earth-orbiting objects into the upper atmosphere. Resonant lunisolar effects become the most interesting subject as far as the satellites lifetime is considered. Resonances of the mean motion type are not possible(More)
The science orbit for a future mission to Europa requires low eccentricity, low altitude, and high inclination. However , high inclination orbits around planetary satellites are unstable due to third-body perturbations. Without control, the orbiter impacts Europa after few weeks. To minimize control, a tour over the stable-unstable, averaged manifolds of(More)