M. Langham

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  • 1953
FEW subjects in opthalmology are more important from the clinical point of view than opacification and vascularization of the cornea; moreover, the problems included have a wide physiological and pathological interest. The unsatisfactory state of our present knowledge of the fundamental processes involved has been pointed out in the foregoing article by(More)
The integration of software components becomes a more and more important issue in software engineering. Process-oriented approaches should provide automated information processes. Therefore, the software components have to be integrated in a consistent way, i.e., their export interfaces have to be respected by the importing components. Furthermore, the type(More)
Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (HED) is the most prevalent type of ectodermal dysplasia (ED). ED is an umbrella term for a group of syndromes characterized by missing or malformed ectodermal structures, including skin, hair, sweat glands, and teeth. The X-linked recessive (XL), autosomal recessive (AR), and autosomal dominant (AD) types of HED are caused(More)