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A method for designing more regular (more diieren-tiable) scaling functions than the Daubechies wavelets is presented. The approach is to numerically minimize the HH older exponent (a measure of smoothness) subject to constraints on the autocorrelation sequence of the scaling lter. The \maximally smooth" wavelets which result have a HH older exponent which(More)
Although Fingolimod is registered as a second-line drug in relapsing-remittend multiple sclerosis (RRMS) in Europe there are no clinical studies available comparing Fingolimod (FTY) and Natalizumab (N). This observational cohort-study used health data routinely collected in outpatient neurology practices throughout Germany completing a treatment period of(More)
A tool for the transfer of solid models used for FEM simulations into different layout formats used by CAD environments is presented. All necessary layers for the fabrication of microcomponents and systems in a given extended commercial CMOS process are generated automatically by this tool. Starting with an acceleration sensor the use of this translator for(More)
  • T. Ziemssen, S. Rauer, C. Stadelmann, T. Henze, J. Koehler, I.-K. Penner +6 others
  • 2015
BACKGROUND So far, clinical studies in primary progressive MS (PPMS) have failed to meet their primary efficacy endpoints. To some extent this might be attributable to the choice of assessments or to the selection of the study population. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to identify outcome influencing factors by analyzing the design and methods of(More)
A method for the determination of total mercury in rat adipose tissue by cold vapour atomic fluorescence spectrometry (CVAFS) has been developed. Adipose samples were initially subjected to a lyophilization procedure in order to facilitate the homogenization and accurate weighing of small tissue aliquots (approximately 50 mg). A closed vessel microwave(More)
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