M Lambrinidis

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In rats poisoned with soman (s.c. 100 micrograms/kg), a potent inhibitor of cholinesterase (ChE), the numbers of dendritic spines of Golgi impregnated hippocampal pyramidal cells (CA1 sector) were evaluated within the first hour of the intoxication. Animals that experienced convulsions showed a rapid and striking decrease in the density of dendritic spines(More)
Paragangliomas of the carotid body are uncommon tumours usually regarded as benign or locally malignant. Metastasis occurs in 5 to 25% of the cases, involving mainly the liver, lung and bones. A case of carotid body tumour without histological evidence of malignancy but with local invasion and, subsequently, multiple spinal metastases is reported. Since the(More)
The authors report about one case of false aneurysm in the right subclavicular pit, which developed after iterative venous punctures in a 67-year-old woman. Surgery was excluded, and an endovascular treatment was decided, with an approach of the lesion by direct puncture in this case and the insertion of an inflatable balloon.
The authors report a case of an intraosseous cyst located in the distal end of the tibia. A typical subchondral defect with a narrow opening in the ankle joint was well defined by CT scan and MRI. The diagnostic value of noninvasive techniques and differential diagnosis are specified after a review of the literature.
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