M. L. Zhirnikova

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The paper outlines the previously unknown smooth muscle insufficiency in terms of its etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment. It has been shown that drug administration leads to smooth muscle insufficiency which is eliminated by serotonin both in vitro and in vivo. The clinical manifestations of smooth muscle (SM) insufficiency are eliminated by(More)
The previously unknown properties of ferroproteins (hemoglobin and myoglobin) to cause smooth muscle spasm and to accelerate platelet degradation are described in the paper. Ferroproteins are shown to interact with some serotonin receptors. Some serotonin receptors of smooth muscles and platelets which hemoglobin and myoglobin interact with are termed(More)
The effect of prazosin on epinephrine-induced contractions of human benign prostatic hyperplasia strips was studied. It was shown that prazosin has a pronounced adrenoblocking activity (EC50 = 5.10(-9) g/ml) but fails to affect strip contractions induced by KCL. It is suggested that prazosin can be used in the treatment of patients suffering from benign(More)
Compound (I) was obtained by the reaction between 3-oxoquinuclidine, cyanoacetic acid and sulfur in alcoholic solution in the presence of morpholine. The reaction was accompanied by considerable resinification, the yield of the aminoester (I) being 46%. Acylation of (I) with acetic anhydride and acid chlorides in benzene in the presence of triethylamine has(More)
9. L. S. Goodman and A. Gilman, The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, New York (1980), pp. 91-99. I0. C. A. Keele and D, Armstrong, Substances Producing Pain and Itch, London (1964). ii. V. M. Khayutin, L. A. Baraz, E. V. Lukoshkova, et al., Prog. Brain Res., 43, 291 (1976). 12. B. Lynn, Textbook of Pain, ed. by P. D. Wall and R. Halzack, Edinburgh(More)
The study of the mechanisms of the antiallergic action of phencarol showed that it blocks the H,-histamine receptors; it thereby possesses a new property for histamine antagonists -the ability to activate the histamine-metabolizing enzyme diamine oxidase and to lower the level of histamine in the tissues of the organism. Some other (3-quinuclidyl) diaryl(More)
The paper gives evidence for the fact that serotonin and serotonin receptors are responsible for the occurrence of primary contractions of smooth muscles, primary cardiac contractions and primary brain electric activity (EEG genesis). It is concluded that the function of the smooth muscle, brain and heart cannot take place without serotonin and its(More)
The effect of antihistaminics on contractions of the isolated guinea pig ureter was studied. The ureter contractions induced by histamine were prevented by H1-blockers: pipolphen (promethazine), dimedrol (diphenhydramine), phencarol (quifenadine), suprastin (chloropyramine), cyproheptadine and H2-blockers: cimetidine, ranitidine. Electric(More)
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