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The recessive mutation nanomelia blocks the synthesis of a large aggregating proteoglycan (aggrecan) by avian embryo chondrocytes. Lack of aggrecan is associated with short stature, multiple morphological defects in cartilage, and embryo lethality. Bony defects have also been described, but were assumed to be a secondary consequence of the cartilage defect.(More)
A retrospective case-series study evaluated the prognosis of 853 dogs with acute kidney injury (AKI) based on the RIFLE (Risk, Injury, Failure, Loss and End-stage renal failure) criteria, derived from human medicine. The 30-day mortality of dogs with AKI in each class was found to be 23.8 per cent (40 of 168) dogs for Risk, 41.0 per cent (107 of 261) dogs(More)
Four types of globins for oxygen transport are known in vertebrates, and the haemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen in blood. In this study, we found that haemoglobin was also expressed in canine mammary glands. Samples were taken from 26 malignant mammary tumors, 16 normal mammary glands and 10 other normal tissues. Sodium dodecyl(More)
This report describes an invasive mammary carcinoma with a rare distinctive feature characterized by sebaceous differentiation of tumor cells. This tumor occurred in a 10-year-old female mixed breed dog. The patient had two masses in the left fifth mammary gland. Grossly, the masses were firm, whitish to light brown, and superficially ulcerated. On cut(More)
Persian-related and non-Persian-related cats were examined by ultrasonography and/or molecular testing to determine the prevalence of feline polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and the presence of a PKD1 gene mutation. PCR was used to amplify exon 29 of the PKD1 gene using genomic DNA extracted from blood samples, and the PCR products were analysed by direct(More)
Twenty-four specific pathogen free pigs were inoculated intradermally at the front-right heel bulb with 0.5 ml of viral suspension containing 10(6.0)tissue culture infectious dose (TCID(50)) with the porcinophillic strain (O/Taiwan/97) of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) isolated from the epizootic of FMD in Taiwan in 1997. Two pigs were euthanatized at(More)
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