M L Tejerizo Perez

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Environmental contamination is a characteristic of industrialized nations. The quality of public drinking water, particularly from underground reserves, has increasingly deteriorated. The fundamental cause of the contamination of underground water layers has been the growing worldwide use of nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides since the 1960s. The Valencian(More)
Epidemiological studies report associations between cancer mortality and type of drinking water source. Different studies appeared to lend some support to the hypothesis that surface waters contain higher levels of human carcinogens than groundwater sources. The possible contaminants that might play such a role are the halogenated organic compounds produced(More)
Liver cancer is one of the main causes of death in Mediterranean countries. The pattern of mortality from liver cancer has been characterized by both geographical and temporal variations. In order to clarify its trend and in an attempt to hypothesize the future pattern of mortality, we analyzed data from the Spanish population, aged more than 35 yr, who(More)
"Avoidable" mortality may be defined as causes of death whose occurrence is closely related to medical intervention. Areas with particular health care delivery problems can be identified through a geographical comparison of these "avoidable deaths." Mortality data for Valencia from 1982 to 1990 were examined to determine whether or not the availability of(More)
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