M L Swenberg

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Oxygen equilibrium curves of fresh, normal human blood have been measured by new methods which allow the control of pH, pCO2, and 2,3-diphosphoglycerate and which yield higher accuracy at the extremes of saturation than was possible previously. The curve determined by these techniques lies slightly to the right of the standard curve of Roughton et al.(More)
The autoradiographic localization of substance P (SP) binding sites and the distribution of SP immunoreactive (SP-ir) neurons in the periaqueductal gray (PAG) of the rat were studied. The autoradiograms revealed an uneven distribution of specific SP binding sites in the PAG. Throughout the rostrocaudal extent, the densest ligand binding sites were observed(More)
The first example of the premature termination of a polypeptide chain in man appears to be Hb McKees Rocks, beta145 Tyr leads to Term, discovered in polycythemic members of a Caucasian family. Point mutation has apparently occurred at the codon for Tyr beta145 from UAU to a "nonsense" codon, UAA or UAG, resulting in a shortened polypeptide chain with Lys(More)
Polyclonal antibodies against substance P were raised in rabbits and partially purified. This apparently homogeneous immunoglobulin fraction was used to immunize other rabbits. The anti-idiotypic antibodies derived from these rabbits were substantially more effective in competing with substance P than in competing with beta-endorphin for binding to their(More)
Hypoxic or anemic goats with the A hemoglobin genotype switch to the production of hemoglobin C, resulting in a reduced blood oxygen affinity. However, the physiologic consequences of this switch are not clear. We therefore studied the gas exchange properties of the two hemoglobin types. We found that purified hemoglobins A and C have very similar oxygen(More)
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