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Sixty pregnant patients with a haemoglobin (Hb) less than 8 g/dl and proven iron-deficiency anaemia were randomly allocated to two treatment groups. Group A received the usual recommended dose of iron dextran (Imferon; Fisons) and group B received two-thirds of the recommended dose. A further 30 patients received oral iron (group C). There was no difference(More)
H istory has seen the development of many new sciences but very few new kinds of science. New kinds of science involve radical changes in thinking , such as the shift from Aristotelian traditions to experimental methods and the description of natural phenomena in mathematical terms—revolu-tions associated with names like Galileo and New-ton. Thus it is with(More)
  • M. L. Stein
  • 1986
In circuit design with component values that are subject to variation from circuit to circuit, we often wish to find a statistical distribution for these component values that yields an acceptable level for the mean of some cost function. Statistical methods for solving this problem have become popular in recent years, especially in circuits with large(More)
The first reported case of bilateral herniations of the renal pelves as a complication of cutaneous pyelostomy is presented. We describe a modification of the original surgical technique that may prevent herniation, based on fixation of the pelvis to the lumbodorsal fascia as well as the cut edge of the pelvis to the skin. In our patient the bilateral(More)
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