M. L. Silva Junior

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—In the present work a similarity metric based on difference image entropy has been investigated for medical images nonrigid registration using block-matching algorithm. The used image histogram size has shown to affect registration accuracy, allowing registration improvements for difference entropy metric, which has shown best results when compared to(More)
Cadmium is often detected in areas contaminated by heavy metals and the incidence of this element in dangerous concentrations has been increasing due to anthropogenic activities. The aim of this research was to determine Cd concentrations in tissues, quantify compounds, pigments and enzymes, and to evaluate the gas exchange. Our aim was also to identify(More)
The brain volume measurements have important clinical applications in the treatment of neurodegenerative illnesses. The segmentation and the volume calculation are important in the medical context to provide information to assist the physician in disease diagnostic and prognostic. Furthermore, it can improve the speed of the diagnostic. The objective of(More)
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