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During central nervous system development, neurons are often born in a precise temporal sequence. Basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factors are required for the development of specific subpopulations of neurons, but how they contribute to their ordered genesis is unclear. We show that the ability of bHLH factors to regulate the development of(More)
Neuronal differentiation is regulated by both positive and negative regulatory factors; however, precisely how these factors interact to regulate retinogenesis is still unclear. We have examined the ability of the Notch pathway to modulate the function of the basic helix-loop-helix factor Xath5. Overexpression of Xath5 by RNA injection into cleavage-stage(More)
Many techniques are employed in numbering lines for text editing. The simplest approach uses a single integer that changes each time a line is added or deleted (1). BASIC, in addition to other systems, uses fixed multi-digit numbers bound to each line. This approach has problems: only a fixed number of lines can be inserted between two consecutive lines of(More)
Single flux quantum (SFQ) circuits form a natural neuromorphic technology with SFQ pulses and superconducting transmission lines simulating action potentials and axons, respectively. Here we present a new component, magnetic Josephson junctions, that have a tunablility and re-configurability that was lacking from previous SFQ neuromorphic circuits. The(More)
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