M. L. Rustgi

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A Green's function solution to the tissue bioheat equation including blood flow in cylindrical geometry is obtained. Numerical results for temperature variation in the bovine muscle are reported when the tissue is exposed to neodymium-yttrium-aluminum garnett (Nd:YAG) lasers with Gaussian profile and a comparison with recent measurements is made. A strong(More)
Previous Monte Carlo calculations for the energy spectra of electrons produced in water irradiated by photons are extended to 1 GeV. All of the physical processes believed to be important in the transport of electrons and positrons above 100 keV and photons starting with the ejection of L photoelectrons are considered. The results are presented in tabular(More)
The recoil spectrum of nuclei in polymers for incident protons below 10 MeV in energy is calculated by using the Rutherford cross-section with screening corrections. Employing the work of McKinley and Feshbach on the Coulomb scattering of relativistic electrons by nuclei, the recoil spectrum of the nuclei is also calculated for electron energies varying(More)
A Monte Carlo calculation for the initial electron energy spectra produced in semi-infinite and finite water phantoms irradiated by photons of energies up to 2 MeV and photons from 60Co are presented incorporating successive Compton scattering, photoelectric absorption and Auger effect. The backscattering of photons through the top of the phantom and(More)
A rigorous formalism using the dyadic Green's function to determine the relative heating pattern in a two-layer fat-muscle medium of a dipole-corner reflector applicator in direct contact with the finite fat layer is described. The results are compared with the earlier approximate calculations of Guy and Lehmann. Though the two theories give identical(More)
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