M. L. Robinson

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We study the suitability of the additive lagged-Fibonacci pseudorandom number generator for parallel computation. This generator has relatively short period with respect to the size of its seed. However, the short period is more than made up for with the huge number of full-period cycles it contains. These diierent full-period cycles are called equivalence(More)
Epigenetic silencing of protein-encoding genes is common in early-stage colorectal tumorigenesis. Less is known about the methylation-mediated silencing of genes encoding microRNAs (miRNAs), which are also important epigenetic modulators of gene expression. Using quantitative PCR, we identified 56 miRNAs that were expressed in normal colorectal mucosa and(More)
Although the mechanism of Aβ action in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has remained elusive, it is known to increase the expression of the antagonist of canonical wnt signalling, Dickkopf-1 (Dkk1), whereas the silencing of Dkk1 blocks Aβ neurotoxicity. We asked if clusterin, known to be regulated by wnt, is part of an Aβ/Dkk1 neurotoxic(More)
Maintenance of sperm at pH values less than approximately 7.5 inhibited the onset of motility when sperm were subsequently diluted with water; maintenance at pH values above approximately 8.2 was associated with maximal motility upon dilution with water. Within 5 approximately min of exposure to low pH buffer (pH 6.9), there was a 50% decline in sperm(More)
The herpes simplex virus VP16 protein functions as a potent transcriptional activator and targets DNA sites with the consensus TAATGARAT present in all the viral immediate-early gene promoters. To do so, VP16 directs assembly of a multiprotein complex involving two cellular proteins, host cell factor (HCF) and the Oct-1 DNA-binding transcription factor. To(More)
We describe in detail the parallel implementation of a family of additive lagged-Fibonacci pseudorandom number generators. The theoretical structure of these generators is exploited to preserve their well-known randomness properties and to provide a parallel system of distinct cycles. The algorithm presented here solves the reproducibility problem for a far(More)
Congenital ocular defects, including microphthalmia, anophthalmia and cataracts appear in a small proportion (5-15%) of the C57BL/6 inbred strain of laboratory mice. Previous work from this laboratory utilizing C57BL/6 in equilibrium with DBA/2 allophenic (mosaic) mice suggested that the underlying cause of these defects may be a deficiency in C57BL/6 lens(More)
We summarize some of the recent developments of our research group and of other groups in the design and analysis of pseudorandom number generators for massively parallel computers. The three parallelization techniques we will consider in detail for mapping pseudorandom streams onto distinct parallel processes are: 1. Splitting maximal-period generators'(More)
For P 2 Z[x], let kPk denote the Euclidean norm of the coe cient vector of P . For an algebraic number , with minimal polynomial A, de ne the Euclidean norm of by k k = kkAk ; where k is the smallest positive integer for which kA 2 Z[x]. De ne the minimal Euclidean norm of by k k min = min kPk : P 2Z[x]; P ( ) = 0; P 6 0 : Given an algebraic number , we(More)
Pharmaceutical formulations often contain one or more paraben preservatives in conjunction with a polyol such as sorbitol or glycerol. In one of these experimental formulations a number of unknown polar peaks have been detected near the solvent front by reversed-phase LC. These degradation products were not attributable to the active drug component or a(More)