M. L. Petersen

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The current designs of conventional Electronic Service Guides (ESGs) are an increasingly inefficient way for users to discover and select something to watch from the large amounts of digital broadcast content for Mobile TV available on handsets. One of the options to improve the design involves personalizing media selection from the existing Electronic(More)
Response to selection for milk yield in Holsteins was examined by a controlled selection experiment initiated in 1964. Foundation cows were paired by sire and divided randomly into two breeding groups, selection and control. Selection group was mated to four sires each year highest for Predicted Difference milk. Twenty bulls selected in 1964 as near breed(More)
Electromagnetic induction (EMI) is a relatively low-cost and rapid method for measuring, assessing spatially soil salinity. The two studies were conducted to evaluate data obtained with a single-frequency (EM38 meter) and multi-frequency (GEM300 sensor) EMI instruments and to relate apparent conductivity measured by these instruments with the more(More)
This paper describes the design and experimental evaluation of two high-efficiency interior permanent-magnet (IPM) motors for use in a commercial transcritical CO<sub>2</sub> (R-744) heat pump water heater (HPWH). Two IPM topologies, a 36-slot 6-pole topology and a 9-slot 6-pole topology, were selected, optimized, and prototyped using a common flat-bar IPM(More)
— Automated test equipment (ATE) is used extensively in production test and device characterization of integrated circuits (ICs). With future devices forecasted to contain hundreds of I/O cells operating at speeds from 5Gb/s to 10Gb/s, the challenge to test those devices with an ATE system is becoming more complex. The speed bottleneck is moving from the(More)
Information is today becoming a larger and steadily growing part of peo-ple's lives. In the form of web-pages, magazines, music, movies and other television-material, regular people are slowly becoming mass-information-consumers. This development comes with the problem of choice. In the pursuit towards content personalization, recommending systems have(More)
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