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Synergisms between pharmacological agents and endogenous neurotransmitters are familiar and frequent. The present review describes the experimental evidence for interactions between neuropharmacological compounds and the classes of weak magnetic fields that might be encountered in our daily environments. Whereas drugs mediate their effects through specific(More)
Method validation guidelines, which provide an organizational structure for the design and evaluation of a validation procedure, are presented for a wide range of pharmaceutical applications. The validation guidelines are based on the analyte concentration/sample matrix combination to which the method will be applied. These guidelines include the selection(More)
An approach was developed to create and validate analytical methods to perform near-infrared (NIR) conformance testing on two isolated intermediates used in the manufacture of loracarbef monohydrate bulk drug substance. Method calibration sets were developed from second-derivative NIR reflectance spectra for 30 representative batches of each intermediate.(More)
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