M L Ornsteen

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A modified dexamethasone suppression test (DST) has had unprecedented evaluation among biologic tests proposed for clinical use in psychiatry. It has not proved to reflect pathophysiologic changes at the level of the central nervous system or pituitary, and tissue availability of dexamethasone itself may contribute to test outcome. The sensitivity of the(More)
Seven psychotic patients' plasma haloperidol levels, determined with gas-liquid chromatography, fell a mean of 60% when carbamazepine treatment was instituted. Two patients' levels became undetectable, and their symptoms worsened. Haloperidol level monitoring may be required for patients given both haloperidol and carbamazepine.
The authors studied the relationship between performance on the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test and on the Trailmaking-B test and measures of smooth pursuit eye movements in 12 patients with chronic schizophrenia and 12 normal volunteers. They found that performance on the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test was significantly correlated with measures of smooth pursuit(More)
Twenty-nine inpatients with major psychotic disorders were treated for 14 days with a clinician-determined dose of haloperidol and with either benztropine or placebo given by double-blind random assignment on days 1 through 7. No differences were noted in haloperidol mean dose, haloperidol blood levels, or BPRS scores during the first seven days between(More)
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