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The relationship between age and semen characteristics has been studied; any effect due to the influence of the length of abstinence preceding ejaculation was eliminated. There is an improvement in semen characteristics up to 25 years of age, followed by a leveling off and a subsequent decrease. This variation is not significant as far as the sperm count,(More)
Assessment of the risks of transmission of infection with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) from mother to newborn is difficult, partly because of the persistence for up to a year of maternal antibodies transmitted passively to the infant. To determine the frequency of perinatal transmission of HIV infection, we studied from birth 308 infants born(More)
Surgical treatment of spinal deformities in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is influenced by a number of factors which have proven to be a difficult challenge. Each case should be carefully evaluated, considering not only the natural history of the spinal deformity, but also the patient’s general condition. These should be thoroughly assessed through(More)
The semen characteristics studied were the sperm count, semen volume, morphology and pre-freeze and post-thaw motility. Two categories of fertile men were investigated: semen donor candidates for artificial insemination and pre-vasectomy subjects. Since mean values for each variable in the two series were similar, they could be considered as a single group(More)
 A 65-year-old male patient with an 8-year history of poliostotic Paget’s disease complained of shoulder pain that started 6 months prior to admission. An extensive lytic area was identified in the right proximal humerus along with Paget’s disease. There was cortical destruction and a soft tissue mass. Following an incisional biopsy, a diagnosis of grade 2(More)
Commonly measured semen variables as well as post-thaw motility have been studied as a function of age in fertile men. The mean age was 34.6 (SD = 6.6). No significant change with age was found for the sperm count, semen volume or total number of spermatozoa. Conversely, there were significant differences between age groups for the percentage of normal(More)
This paper describes an intensity-modulated fiber optic sensor for strain measurements. The sensing element is a polydimetilsiloxane (PDMS) micro-diffraction grating, 15 mm long, 2 mm thick, with channels 150 µm wide, spaced apart 200 µm. The working principle of the sensor can be summarized as follows: when the sensing element is strained perpendicularly(More)
e11013 Background: In a clinical trial of 722 patients (pts) with locally recurrent metastatic breast cancer (MBC) solvent-based paclitaxel 90 mg/m2 was administered intravenously (IV) over 1 hr weekly for 3 weeks (wPac) followed by a week of rest (q3/4w) alone or in combination with bevacizumab (Bev) 10 mg/kg every 2 weeks (q2w) (E2100 Trial). As compared(More)
2121 Background: To determine the feasibility and the toxicity of the biweekly P and C combination chemotherapy for solid tumors, we evaluate 119 patients 67 M and 52 F with perfomance status WHO 0-3, age range between 35-96, and with ovarian cancer (34 pts), esophageal cancer ( 1 pt), head-neck cancer (15 pts), bladder cancer (26 pts), anal cancer (8 pts)(More)
17147 Background: Selected pts with advanced NSCLC might have particular benefit from EGFR tyrosine kinase (TK) inhibitor treatment. We have identified 4 NSCLC pts with BMs who had major responses to G. METHODS Pts characteristics: Pt 1, 62 y/o female, never-smoker (ns), NSCLC, brain and BMs with bone pain; pt 2, 51 y/o male, former smoker (fs), ADC and(More)