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The phytoplankton assemblages from eight reservoirs of the Paranapanema River were studied during two consecutive years. Chlorophyceae and Bacillaryophyceae dominated in richness. The observed high number of taxa, 234, reflects the extensive sampling programme and evidences the necessity of considering the whole hydrograph basin to assess the biodiversity(More)
BACKGROUND Safety transport boxes are increasingly used to ship laboratory specimens but there is little information on their capacity to maintain suitable transportation temperatures. MATERIALS AND METHODS Inner temperature was assessed using a commercially available transport box during an 8-h transportation period in the heat. RESULTS Temperature(More)
The emission of wide band photoluminescence showed a synergic effect on barium zirconate and barium titanate thin films in alternate multilayer system at room temperature by 488 nm exiting wavelength. The thin films obtained by spin-coating were annealed at 350, 450, and 550 degrees C for 2 h. The X-ray patterns revealed the complete separation among the(More)
Vibration analysis does not cover all defects able to affect a rotating machine, including those that induce torque or instantaneous rotation speed fluctuations. Indeed the vibrational energy contributions of this type of defects such as a natural and gradual degradation of the gears are often weak. Therefore the appearance of these defects is very(More)
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