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The life spans and causes of death were examined for a group of Bavarian veterans of World War I who had suffered head injuries and for comparable control subjects who had not. The occurrence of posttraumatic fits was a significant prognostic factor for a higher death rate after the age of 50 years. Other indicators of the severity of injury did not lead to(More)
We have examined the steady-state and time-dependent electrical properties of a model membrane system. The model assumes that the directed velocity and energy of ions moving through the membrane are determined by the applied electric field, ionic diffusion forces, and central elastic collisions between ions and membrane molecules. A simple analysis of the(More)
An electrodiffusion model for plasma membrane ion transport, which takes into account the influence of high electric field strengths and ion-membrane molecule interactions, is presented and analyzed. A generalized Nernst-Planck equation for steady-state situations is derived which has electric field-dependent mobility and diffusion coefficients. Under the(More)
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