M. L. Matthews

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Visual search and decision-making performance together with subjective fatigue were investigated over a 4-hr time block as a function of display foreground and background chromaticity using colors matched for brightness. Although some small differences in performance related to chromaticity were observed, these were not exacerbated over time. On the basis(More)
Velocity production in the absence of speedometer information was investigated as a function of car size. In the first experiment three vehicles of different sizes were driven by 30 subjects; in the second experiment a different sample of 20 subjects used their own vehicles, which were classified into two size categories. In both experiments subjects were(More)
—Quantitative analysis of biological systems has become an increasingly important research field as scientists look to solve current day health and environmental problems. The development of modeling and model analysis approaches that are specifically geared toward biological processes is a rapidly growing research area. Continuous approximations of Boolean(More)
Performance and reports of comfort when proof-reading text displayed on a CRT were investigated as a function of the text/background colour. Luminances were those typically produced by commercially available hardware and software, and task conditions were designed to simulate those experienced by typical users. Colours from the extremes of the spectrum(More)
The effect of prolonged cathode ray tube (CRT) work on the afferent visual neural and focusing system of the human eye was examined by visually evoked potentials (VEPs) and laser optometer techniques, respectively. These measures were compared with parallel measurements of search performance. Ten volunteers performed three 4-hr sessions of a search/decision(More)
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