M. L. Martínez

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BACKGROUND Oxygen availability in aquatic habitats is a major environmental factor influencing the ecology, behaviour, and physiology of fishes. This study evaluates the contribution of source population and hypoxic acclimatization of the African fish, Barbus neumayeri, in determining growth and tissue metabolic enzyme activities. Individuals were collected(More)
Natural hazards are recurrent events that frequently result in high death tolls and large economic losses. Because of their large impact, they have concerned the international community for a long time. In spite of the efforts, the impact of natural hazards has increased. Oftentimes, the role of natural ecosystems and the ecosystem services they provide to(More)
The tropical coastal dunes in central Gulf of Mexico have been stabilizing over the last decades resulting in reduced substrate mobility, and promoting primary succession. We describe changes in species richness and diversity in dune vegetation during 20 years. Our questions: (a) Do species richness and diversity increase over time as predicted by models of(More)
This study describes the metabolic capacities of the African cichlid Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor victoriae from four sites in Uganda, East Africa. Fish were captured during the dry season, from two aquatic systems in different regions (Lake Nabugabo and Mpanga River). Within the Lake Nabugabo region, individuals were sampled from Lake Kayanja (normoxic)(More)
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