M. L. L. Hoeksema-Du Pui

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Both general esterases and acetylcholinesterases have been shown to be members of a homologous superfamily of serine esterases. A comparison of N-terminal sequences demonstrates that esterase-4 and-5 from Drosophila mojavensis belong to this family as well, with esterase-6 and esterase-P from D. melanogaster being the closest relatives. In order to(More)
Endosulfan, an organochlorine (OC) insecticide belonging to the cyclodiene group, is one of the most commonly used pesticides to control pests in vegetables, cotton and fruits. To evaluate the health risk due to the exposure to Endosulfan in the environment, a framework was developed by combining three sub – models: (1) the fugacity model which evaluates(More)
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