M. L. Johnston

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—Thin-film bulk acoustic resonators (FBAR) are an effective platform for sensitive biological and chemical detection, where their high operating frequencies make them many times more sensitive than a quartz crystal microbalance. Here, we present a monolithic, solidly mounted FBAR oscillator array on CMOS for mass-sensing applications. Through monolithic(More)
In this paper, we present a novel elastomer-based microfluidic device for rectifying flow. The device is analogous to an electronic diode in function since it allows flow in one direction and stops flow in the opposing direction. The device is planar, in-line and can be replica molded via standard soft lithography techniques. The fabrication process is(More)
The current state of the art in high-throughput minimally invasive radiation biodosimetry involves the collection of samples in the field and analysis at a centralized facility. We have developed a simple biological immunoassay for radiation exposure that could extend this analysis out of the laboratory into the field. Such a forward placed assay would(More)
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