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To investigate the genetic mechanisms regulating the transition from vegetative to reproductive phase in Arabidopsis, double mutants between two embryonic flower (emf) and 12 different late-flowering mutants were constructed and analyzed. Double mutants in all combinations displayed the emf phenotypes without forming rosettes during early development;(More)
To investigate the mechanisms regulating the initiation of floral development in Arabidopsis, a construct containing beta-glucuronidase (GUS) gene driven by APETALA1 promoter (AP1::GUS) was introduced into emf fwa and emf ft double mutants. GUS activity was strongly detected on shoot meristem of emf1-1 single mutants harboring AP1::GUS construct just 5 d(More)
BACKGROUND Autoantibodies against the p53 proteins (p53 Abs) can be detected in the serum, ascites, saliva and pleural effusions of various malignant patients. It is suggested that p53 Abs in pleural effusions might have some value for tumour diagnosis, prognosis or monitoring. The present study investigated the prevalence of p53 Abs in the pleural(More)
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