M. L. Hattali

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We have studied the formation of metal/ceramic joints by solid state bonding technique for applications at temperatures >600 ◦C. The bonding is obtained between silicon carbide (SiC) and Ni-based super-alloy (HAYNES® 214TM) via metallic foils (Ni, Ag). In some cases a thin coating on the ceramic or the alloy by the electroless JetMétalTM process has been(More)
To unravel how the microstructure affects the fracture surface roughness in heterogeneous brittle solids like rocks or ceramics, we characterized the roughness statistics of postmortem fracture surfaces in homemade materials of adjustable microstructure length scale and porosity, obtained by sintering monodisperse polystyrene beads. Beyond the(More)
The temporal evolution of mechanical energy and spatially averaged crack speed are both monitored in slowly fracturing artificial rocks. Both signals display an irregular burstlike dynamics, with power-law distributed fluctuations spanning a broad range of scales. Yet, the elastic power released at each time step is proportional to the global velocity all(More)
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