M. L. Gallese

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The authors develop a 128Gb 3b/cell NAND Flash memory based on 20nm fully planar cell process technology. The planar cell allows the memory cell to be scaled in both the wordline (WL) and bitline (BL) directions, resulting in a small 3b/cell memory device. The sensing scheme is based on a ramping technique that allows the detection of hard and soft states(More)
In recent years applications such as mp3 players, SSD, digital cameras and video camcorders have driven the development of increasingly higher density NAND memories. In the presented 3b/cell memory the read and programming throughputs are been enhanced with the adoption of a quad-plane architecture and an industry standard even-odd bitline (BL) decoding(More)
Cristina Giambi * , Serena Donati * , Francesca Carozzi†, Stefania Salmaso * , Silvia Declich * , Marta L. Ciofi degli Atti‡, Guglielmo Ronco§, Maria P. Alibrandi¶, Silvia Brezzi#, Natalina Collina ** , Daniela Franchi††, Amedeo Lattanzi‡‡, Maria C. Minna§§, Roberto Nannini¶¶, Elena Barretta##, Elena Burroni†, Anna Gillio-Tos *** , Vincenzo Macallini†††,(More)
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