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— In this paper, we investigate the possibility of designing an observer for a class of continuous-time dynam-ical systems with non-uniformly sampled measurements. More specifically, we propose an observer with a time varying gain witch converges exponentially under some conditions on the sampling partition diameter. The proposed observer is an impulsive(More)
Lettuce downy mildew, caused by the oomycete Bremia lactucae Regel, is a major threat to lettuce production worldwide. Lettuce downy mildew is a polycyclic disease driven by airborne spores. A weather-based dynamic simulation model for B. lactucae airborne spores was developed to simulate the aerobiological characteristics of the pathogen. The model was(More)
— This paper proposes a state observer with a cascade structure for a class of nonlinear systems in the presence of delayed output measurements. The first system in the cascade allows to estimate the delayed state while each of the remaining ones is a predictor. Each predictor estimates the state of the preceding one with a prediction horizon equal to a(More)
The presence and abundance of pathogen inoculum is with host resistance and environmental conditions a key factor in epidemic development. Therefore, several spore-sampling devices have been proposed to monitor pathogen inoculum above fields. However, to make spore sampling more reliable as a management tool and to facilitate its adoption, information on(More)
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