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We examined the effect of forskolin, an adenylate cyclase activator, on gene expression and the activities of the three enzymes specific for catecholamine biosynthesis [tyrosine hydroxylase (TH), dopamine beta-hydroxylase (DBH) and phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase (PNMT)] and on the amounts of available catecholamines in primary cultured bovine(More)
Armenian hamsters were immunized with non-liganded, partially liganded or affinity-labeled anti-fluorescein Mab 4-4-20. Seventeen hybridoma producing monoclonal anti-4-4-20 antibodies were characterized from chemically-mediated fusions of immune hamster lymphocytes with murine Sp2/O-Ag14 myeloma cells. Distinct populations of anti-4-4-20 monoclonal(More)
SUMMARY Mucous secretion in the gastrointestinai tract shows regional variations: neutral mucins predominate in the gastric mucosa, sialic acid-rich compounds in the smali intestine and sulphated mucins in the large intestine; glycoprotein synthesis also varies with ccli maturation from crypt to surface epithelium. Changes in these normal mucous patterns(More)
Four hamster monoclonal anti-metatype antibodies were characterized in terms of their binding properties with liganded murine monoclonal single-chain antifluorescein antibody 4-4-20. Based on induced delays in the rate of ligand (fluorescein) dissociation upon the binding of each monoclonal anti-Met antibody, apparent Kd values were determined for(More)
Antibodies directed against lipopolysaccharide (LPS) O-antigen are often critical in the immune response to Gram-negative pathogens. Mice were orally immunized with isogenic strains of Salmonella typhimurium that differ only in a minor modification of O-antigen, namely acetylation, mediated by the oafA locus. To specifically examine the effect of(More)
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