M L Brecht

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The purpose of this study is to describe treatment utilization and relapse and examine possible predictors of time to relapse after treatment for methamphetamine (MA) use. This analysis is based on natural history interview data from 98 subjects treated for MA use in publicly-funded programs in Los Angeles County in 1995-97 and interviewed two to three(More)
Using data from the California Civil Addict Program, the study tested hypotheses about the possible conditional nature of the process of maturing out of heroin addiction. Hypotheses were tested in a five-way contingency table using the log-linear model. Results show that maturing out of addiction with increasing age is inhibited by high levels of(More)
Previous research has noted a high rate of drug use by women arrestees. Not only are women arrestees more likely to be found drug positive by urinalysis than are men arrestees, but in recent years, in part because of drug use, women have constituted the fastest growing population segment involved with the criminal justice system. One small but important(More)
The present study examined a causal model consisting of personal and social resources, threat appraisal processes, coping styles, and barriers to risk reduction as predictors of general AIDS risk and specific drug use behaviors among homeless African American (N = 714) and Latina (N = 691) women. The model, which was based on a stress and coping framework,(More)
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