M. L. Anitha

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In today's Computing world Cloud computing is one of the biggest innovation which uses advanced computational power and it improves data sharing and data storing capabilities. Main difficulty in cloud computing was issues of data integrity, data privacy and data access by unauthorised users. TTA (Trusted Third Party) is used to store and share data in cloud(More)
BACKGROUND Epilepsy is described as a chronic neurological disorder characterized by recurrent seizures of cerebral origin, presenting with episodes of sensory, motor or autonomic phenomenon with or, without loss of consciousness. A recent meta-analysis of published and unpublished studies puts an overall prevalence rate of epilepsy in India at 5.59 per(More)
BACKGROUND There have been studies that report clinical benefits of the use of folic acid as an adjuvant to the antiepileptic therapy in the prevention of antiepileptic drug-induced gingival enlargement. However, studies in the past have also reported precipitation of epileptic attacks in patients on folic acid adjuvant therapy due to fall in sera levels of(More)
India is blessed with a large pool of qualified agricultural experts who can provide appropriate advices to farmers, given a crop situation. The existing extension system often provides generalized information where farmers have to make decisions which often need some technical expertise. Also, the traditional system does not consider the cases at(More)
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