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Two laboratories tested four different brands of alkaline 2% glutaraldehyde sterilants by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists sporicidal test. Each laboratory found survival of Clostridium sporogenes spores on spore-labeled unglazed porcelain penicylinders (cylinders) to vary from test to test, and survival did not always correlate with(More)
Quantum dots that efficiently emit white light directly or feature a "candle-like" orange photoluminescence with a high Stokes shift are presented. The key to obtaining these unique emission properties is through controlled annealing of the core Cu-In-Ga-S quantum dots in the presence of zinc ions, thus forming Zn-Cu-In-Ga-S solid solutions with different(More)
We report a patient who developed a positional headache and pseudomeningocele after multiple lumbar surgeries for low back and radicular pain. An epidural blood patch via a lumbar approach was not feasible as a result of distorted lumbar anatomy after multiple back surgeries. An epidural blood patch was performed via catheter-threaded cephalad from a caudal(More)
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