M Kuschner

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A number of studies have shown that glass fibers induce both malignant mesothelioma and fibrosis in rats and that these reactions may be primarily a function of the physical properties of the fiber. However, these studies were carried out with fibers having broad size distributions and used methods of administration which bear little resemblance to the way(More)
Beryllium, some of its alloys, and a variety of its compounds have induced malignant tumors of the lung and osteogenic sarcoma in experimental animals. Three animal species, monkeys, rabbits, and rats, have been shown to be susceptible. Beryllium induces morphological transformation in mammalian cells and enhances viral transformation of mammalian cells. It(More)
This article reviews studies of the carcinogenicity of mineral fibers, notably asbestos, and presents seven major recommendations for further research. Mineral fibers represent the greatest cause--after cigarette smoke--of respiratory cancer due to air pollutants. Past asbestos exposure may currently account for 2000 mesothelioma deaths per year and 4000 to(More)
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