M Kumar

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We have isolated a homolog of the cell division gene ftsZ from the extremely halophilic archaebacterium Halobacterium salinarium. The predicted protein of 39 kDa is divergent relative to eubacterial homologs, with 32% identity to Escherichia coli FtsZ. No other eubacterial cell division gene homologs were found adjacent to H. salinarium ftsZ. Expression of(More)
There is ample evidence that cells of higher eukaryotes express double-stranded RNA molecules (dsRNAs) either naturally or as the result of viral infection or aberrant, bidirectional transcriptional readthrough. These duplex molecules can exist in either the cytoplasmic or nuclear compartments. Cells have evolved distinct ways of responding to dsRNAs,(More)
Resting PBLs were stimulated for typically 24 h with 1 mg ml 21 anti-CD3 and 5 mg ml 21 anti-CD28 antibodies (Pharmingen) or with 5 mg ml 21 PHA. We stimulated NK cells with 50 mg ml 21 of either plate-bound anti-CD16 (3G8) or anti-2B4 (C1.7) antibodies (Pharmingen) for 24 h. B lymphocytes were stimulated with either 10 mg ml 21 pokeweed mitogen (Sigma) or(More)
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