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In this paper, we propose a capacity scaling heuristic using a column generation and row generation technique to address the multicommodity capacitated network design problem. The capacity scaling heuristic is an approximate iterative solution method for capacitated network problems based on changing arc capacities, which depend on flow volumes on the arcs.(More)
The electrooculogram (EOG) is a useful method for the clinical diagnosis of the retinitis pigmentosa and Best disease in the field of electrophysiology. The EOGs detected as the potentials between two electrodes pasted on the inner canthus and outer canthus have been used for the conventional tests in clinic. In this study, we attempted to analyze EOG in(More)
Medical imaging is the technique that is used to create images of the human body or parts for clinical purposes (medical procedures seeking to reveal diagnose or examine disease). The CT images provide detailed information of anatomy of lungs, which could be used for better surgical planning of treating Lung Cancer This Work, proposes a method for(More)
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