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Successful implementations of radial-basis function (RBF) networks for classification tasks must deal with architectural issues, the burden of irrelevant attributes, scaling, and some other problems. This paper addresses these issues by initializing RBF networks with decision trees that define relatively pure regions in the instance space; each of these(More)
In this study, brain gangliosides in prenatal and postnatal human life were analyzed. Immunohistochemically, the presence of "c"-pathway of gangliosides (GQ1c) in embryonic brain was only recorded at 5 weeks of gestation. Biochemical results indicated a twofold increase in human cortex ganglioside concentration between 16 and 22 weeks of gestation. The(More)
We correlated neuroanatomical developmental parameters with sequential ultrasonography scans to reveal the structural basis of functional recovery after early focal hypoxic lesions of the human frontal lobe in premature infants. We studied the transient fetal subplate zone in the premotor and prefrontal cortex in premature, newborn, infant, and young adult(More)
A symbolically quantified logic is presented for reasoning under uncertainty that is based upon the concept of rough sets. This mathematical model provides a simple yet sound basis for a robust reasoning system. A rule of inference analogous to modus ponens is described, and it is shown how it might be used by a reasoning system to determine the most likely(More)
The captive bolt gun (slaughterer's gun) is a tool used in the meat industry for "humane killing" of animals. Used with the intent of suicide, the captive bolt gun causes very serious injuries. We analysed 19 self-inflicted head injuries with captive bolt gun during the past 20 years. Autopsy of 20 pigs killed by this method was also performed. All 19 cases(More)
In this event-related potential (ERP) study a masking technique that prevents conscious perception of words and non-words through attentional distraction was used to reveal the temporal dynamics of word processing under non-conscious and conscious conditions. In the non-conscious condition, ERP responses differed between masked words and non-words from 112(More)
Homonyms, i.e. ambiguous words like 'score', have different meanings in different contexts. Previous research indicates that all potential meanings of a homonym are first accessed in parallel before one of the meanings is selected in a competitive race. If these processes are automatic, these processes of selection should even be observed when homonyms are(More)
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