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Automatic fabric inspection is important for maintain the fabric quality. For a long time the fabric defects inspection process is still carried out with human visual inspection, and thus, insufficient and costly. Hence the automatic fabric defect inspection is required to reduce the cost and time waste caused by defects. The development of fully automated(More)
Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a new pattern of wireless networks, offering unrestricted mobility without any centralized infrastructure such as base station or mobile switching centers. Moreover, it is an autonomous system in which collection of mobile self organizing nodes connected by wireless links are free to move randomly and often act as routers at(More)
In many countries including India electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is frequently used to treat different phases of bipolar disorder. The response to ECT is impressive in mania, depression and in mixed affective states. Preliminary evidence also suggests benefit from maintenance ECT in bipolar disorder. However, most of the literature on efficacy and adverse(More)
BACKGROUND Hamilton depression rating scale (Ham-D) is the most widely used clinician rating scale for depression. There has been no Indian study that has examined the inter-rater reliability (IRR) of video-recorded interviews of the 21-item Ham-D. AIM To study the IRR of scoring video-recorded interviews for 21-item Ham-D. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
– Mobile Ad-hoc networking is concept of communication, which means a communication temporary network without any form of centralized administration. Every node in this network acts both as host and a router to forward packets for other node. Due to the absence of the centralized administration, MANETs are easily attacked by malicious nodes. To decrease the(More)