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Asbestos has been shown to cause chromosomal damage and DNA aberrations. Exposure to asbestos causes many lung diseases e.g. asbestosis, malignant mesothelioma, and lung cancer, but the disease-related processes are still largely unknown. We exposed the human cell lines A549, Beas-2B and Met5A to crocidolite asbestos and determined time-dependent gene(More)
OBJECTIVES Interoperability of applications in health care is faced with various needs by patients, health professionals, organizations and policy makers. A combination of existing and new applications is a necessity. Hospitals are in a position to drive many integration solutions, but need approaches which combine local, regional and national requirements(More)
M/Kernel based legacy systems in Finnish hospitals are a great asset, but their architecture and user interfaces are outdated. In this paper we present three strategies for rejuvenating the systems, and recommend two of them, depending on the transitional objectives. The study shows that rejuvenation is a feasible alternative for the development of brand(More)
The existing frameworks to support organisations in their knowledge management operations do not adequately consider global diversity and the local context of the environment in which each organisation operates. The main goal of this study is to develop a context-aware framework to guide organisations in their efforts to manage knowledge, and thus(More)
BACKGROUND Daily activities within a health care organisation are mediated by information communication processes (ICP) involving multiple health care professionals at different levels of care. Effective perinatal management requires critical information to be accurately communicated. If there is a breakdown in this communication patient safety is at risk(More)
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