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Chondroitin sulfate, a fusion inhibitor found in human milk, appears to work by blocking the ability of a virus, such as HIV, to infect a cell. There are questions about whether cow or goat milk can offer the same fusion-inhibiting benefits. One sulfated monosaccharide, glucosamine 6-sulfate, appears to have significant anti-HIV activity. Carrageenan, a(More)
Elderberry, chondroitin, and glucosamine sulfate have been found to block HIV replication at three distinct points in the replication cycle. For quadruple therapy, a reverse transcriptase inhibitor such as olive leaf extract or Epivir (3TC) could be added. In one case, a female, taking no HIV drugs, used an elderberry extract, called Sambucol, with olive(More)
While it appears that protease inhibitors in combination therapies are saving lives, questions continue: (1) which combinations of protease inhibitors and other antiretroviral agents are most effective in restoring immune function, (2) how these combinations can be used most effectively, and (3) what is the best time to start using them? An evaluation is(More)
Millions of people in this country are infected with Hepatitis C; however, long-term treatment for this disease is not always successful. Chisolm Biologicals produces a transfer factor panel for hepatitis A, B, and C that appears to be effective in treating hepatitis. Other products, including Thy-Mate and Liver Support, may also help treat hepatitis.(More)
Drug combinations have saved thousands of lives, but no one knows how long this will continue. A low-cost combination that can reduce viral loads to low or undetectable levels without side effects is desperately needed. Ideally, a treatment would be available for $50 a month rather than the current average of $1,500 a month. Treatment with elderberry(More)
Successful restoration of the immune system and eradication of any chronic infection, possibly including cancer, requires the ability of healthy cells to process and present foreign antigens on the cell's surface. Areas addressed include: (1) defining a foreign antigen; (2) discussing how certain viruses, such as HIV, can evade an effective immune response;(More)
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