M. Komamura

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Obtaining local soil-to-crop transfer factor (TF) is important because climates, soil types and vegetations influence on the factor. In this study, analyses of stable isotopes and natural radioisotopes in rice and wheat grains and the associated soils collected throughout Japan were carried out in order to obtain TF under equilibrium conditions. The studied(More)
In this study, we evaluated the mobility of 90Sr in ploughed upland soil, which affects the residual amount in the soil and plant uptake on the basis of long-term monitoring data. Paired samples of soil and wheat grain were taken annually from 1961 to 1995 from 8 agricultural fields in Japan, and the concentrations of exchangeable 90Sr in soil and total(More)
It is important to obtain local transfer factors (TFs) of long-lived radionuclides for assessment of radioactive waste disposal, because climates, soil types and vegetation can affect TFs. Global fallout Sr and Cs are good tracers to obtain the TFs under natural conditions, however, their radioactivity levels in plants are extremely low. To close the gap,(More)
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